Model - Haxel Xue
Meet our Fantastic models and get to know a bit about the person beneath the makeup

I wear: 

Foundation - I wore Dawn

Blush - I wore Bubble

1. Who are you and what do you do?
Hello! I’m Hazel Xue. I’m from Beijing China, currently doing a Master of strategic communication at UQ. Moreover, I have been modeling in Brisbane for 8 months.
2.  How did the makeup feel on your skin?
The makeup smelt really good! It was not heavy on my face and it lasted a long time.
3.  Did you like that you could sweat through it and that it helps the skin to breathe while doing a photoshoot?
Definitely! Especially as it is getting hotter in Brisbane. As a model, sometimes we have shoots for the entire day. We really need a product that doesn’t block pores and keeps skin healthy!
4. Would you recommend Stardust Cosmetics to a friend? If yes, why?
100%. Because the products from Stardust  look cute, smell good, and are affordable! Moreover, I had fun to shooting for Stardust Comsmetics, and the owner of the brand is very lovely. I would love to support a local brand!