Model - Natasha Rose
Meet our Fantastic models and get to know a bit about the person beneath the makeup

I wear: 

Foundation - I wore Astral

Blush - I wore Witch's Broom

1. Who are you and what do you do?
Hey, my name is Natasha Rose. I am a singer and a model from Australia. I have a passion for music, art, and practically anything creative!
2.  How did the makeup feel on your skin?
The makeup felt amazing on my skin. It honestly didn't even feel like I was wearing makeup. 
3.  Did you like that you could sweat through it and that it helps the skin to breathe while doing a photoshoot?
Photoshoots can get pretty hot, so knowing that my makeup isn't going to melt off is such a good feeling. I also loved that my skin didn't feel too clogged up after the shoot as well!
4. Would you recommend Stardust Cosmetics to a friend? If yes, why?
I would definitely recommend Stardust Cosmetics to a friend. It was light, breathable, looked great on my skin, as well as on-camera, and not to mention it smelt great!