Model - Navid Ahmed
Meet our Fantastic models and get to know a bit about the person beneath the makeup

I wear: 

Foundation - Dusk, a perfect colour match

Blush - For the shoot I wore Flaming Star

1. Who are you and what do you do?
My name is Nav and I’m currently a Software Engineer while I’m finishing off my Bachelor of Engineering and IT. I’m also a model and have an obsession with the gym. So I guess you could say Fitness and writing Code are my passions.
2.  How did the makeup feel on your skin?
I’m not one to usually wear makeup but nevertheless it felt really natural and I forgot it was even there.
3.  Did you like that you could sweat through it and that it helps the skin to breathe while doing a photoshoot?
Yeah for sure, felt super relaxed and comfortable.
4. Would you recommend Stardust Cosmetics to a friend? If yes, why?
Definitely, because there products don’t make you feel suffocated like other brands and blend in naturally and comfortably with my look.