Get the Barbie Doll Glam Look

Get that fabulous Barbie Doll look

Let's dive right in, Barbie, shall we?

Step 1: Prime Time (Primer)

First things first, we're going to need a smooth canvas for our masterpiece. The Hydrating Primer from Stardust has got us covered there!

Step 2: Let's Get Matte (Foundation)

Our next step is to nab that perfect, doll-like finish. And for that, we need the Mineral Foundation Powder. It's all about that matte life, folks!

Step 3: Sculpt and Shine (Contour & Highlight)

Now, who doesn't want those sharp Barbie features? Let's contour with some darker foundation shades and bring on the sparkle with the Interstellar Dust powder.

Step 4: Eye-Catching Colours (Eyeshadows)

Time to jazz up those eyes! We're talking big, bright, and full of sass. Let's grab some of those vibrant blush powders and use them as eyeshadows.

Step 5: Pucker Up (Lips)

Last but not least, it's all about the lips, baby! Choose a bright pink lipstick or lip gloss from our range for that iconic Barbie pout.

Final Words from Barbie "Hey Look at me!"

Voila! You've transformed into a Barbie Doll! But hey, remember, makeup's all about expressing yourself and having a ball. So go ahead, have fun with this look and don't forget to share your looks with us on our Instagram page!

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Always remember, beauty is all about being comfy in your own skin. So, keep experimenting and stay dazzling with Stardust Cosmetics!