Everything in the universe is in a constant state of change. Things are constantly being created and broken down, morphed then transformed. From one day to the next, everybody needs a makeup that keeps up with the pace of your life and the continual changes you face.

Stardust Cosmetics has taken the minerals and elements created by cosmic explosions billions of years ago and forged a stellar range of products that fit into life on Earth.

Our passion is transformation. We strive to give you the power and the inspiration to transform yourself into the very best, most confident version of yourself that you can possibly be! We care about you and that is why all the Stardust range of cosmetics is 100% organic, paraben free and vegan friendly. None of our products have been tested on animals. .


SeAnn Pitman

SeAnn Pitman

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Peter Kilkelly

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Our Crew

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Hey There!

My name is SeAnn Pitman and I am so thrilled to be able to bring you Stardust Cosmetics. We are 100% Australian owned & made and very proud of that fact.

Stardust was created through my need of allergy sensitive makeup that didn't react with my skin. I also lead an insanely diverse and busy lifestyle and I needed a makeup to keep up with me without having to reapply throughout the day. I needed something I could put on in the morning, go to the gym, ride my horses then head out to work, meetings or the likes all the while looking fresh as a daisy!

I couldn't find what I needed on the market without costing a fortune for something not quite right so I decided to create my own! Stardust is all natural with lots of skin loving goodness packed in so even for a daily wear you can be sure your skin will still love you at the end of the week.

I can't wait to share this journey with you all and all the exciting products still to come!

SeAnn xx