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Welcome to Stardust Cosmetics, where the universe meets makeup magic! We know life is all about changes and transformations, just like the cosmos. That's why we've cooked up an out-of-this-world range of products that can keep up with your ever-evolving lifestyle here on Earth.

Our mission is simple: we want you to feel like the absolute best version of yourself, all day, every day! And guess what? We care about you and our planet too! That's why all our cosmetics are 100% organic, paraben-free, and vegan-friendly. Plus, we never test on animals. It's a win-win for everyone.

🌟 What Makes Stardust Cosmetics Awesome 🌟

💫 Flexi-Formulas: Our makeup can handle anything life throws at you. From morning hustle to wild adventures, our formulas are on point.

🌿 Ethical Beauty Vibes: We're all about keeping it real and green. So, our products are loaded with organic goodness and are totally animal-friendly.

🐰 No Cruelty, No Way: We're big on compassion and kindness. That's why we wouldn't dream of testing on our furry pals.

💄 Stellar Range: Get ready to swoon over our lineup! From sweat-proof foundation to cosmic blush/highlighters, we've got it all.

🌌 Transform Like a Boss: It's not just makeup, it's empowerment! Be your fabulous self and let our makeup be your cosmic accomplice.

✨ Nature's Glow: Our makeup's got that natural charm. It's all about bringing out your inner glow and giving your skin some TLC.

🚀 Cosmic Fam: Join our cosmic fam and share your beauty journey with us. Let's celebrate self-expression and self-love together!

So, are you up for a cosmic beauty adventure with us? Embrace the changes, embrace your awesomeness, and let Stardust Cosmetics be your cosmic BFF. We're here to transform the world, one fabulous face at a time!


SeAnn Pitman

SeAnn Pitman

Boss Babe
Peter Kilkelly

Peter Kilkelly

Our Crew

Our Crew

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Hello Gorgeous Humans! Thanks so much for making it this far into our mineral makeup journey!

Apart from the brand itself I feel it’s important to bare my soul a little and share with you the reasons behind creating this awesome ethically sustainable, vegan and cruelty free company.

I’m an Aussie, grew up in Brisbane and was what most would call a ‘super active’ kid growing up. I played tennis all through school, LOVED the 100m sprint and high jump, and was the Australian Champion Trick Rider – that’s right, I hung off the side and jumped on and off galloping horses, FOR FUN! Needless to say my childhood was anything but standard and I loved every second of it!

Now in my early 20’s I had one of the biggest learning experiences of my life and fell in love with a very handsome, smooth talking narcissist (didn’t know that last bit at the time). We got engaged and started what I would say was the hardest, most mentally brutal six months of my life. I was lucky, I had family who intervened when they could see I was starting to look for a way out and was coming up dry and I will be forever grateful to them for that. Ladies, more of us experience this everyday than we would care to admit. You are not alone and remember that no matter what you are going through, there is someone out there who loves you and does in fact have your back even if you’ve turned your back on them to keep the peace.

After a rather bumpy start to my 20’s we’ll say, I set upon a course to discover the real and true me. I found a new group of amazing people, I went to uni and studied Interior Design (which I love) Started a business in that for a little while and I created a job for myself in marketing and web design that gave me the wonderful opportunity to travel the world and work as I went. I have been to so many varied, incredible places and met some amazing, incredible people along the way. I discovered that my true passion once you took all the “jobs” away was to help cause transformation. Whether that be old, unloved houses and reviving them to former glory, or taking that old website and making it sparkle; this was what drove me!

For about 18months all up I lived in the south of Thailand as a dive instructor and for anyone who has been to Thailand you know that it is approximately 32 degrees Celsius and 100% humidity pretty much all year round. NO makeup can survive that! (well except Stardust, more on that later). Not only this but I have always grown up with and still have today skin allergies to chemicals whether that be preservatives in food or chemicals in skin products, ie. Makeup. This combination made this incredibly challenging to the point I just gave up. As the makeup that I could wear just sweated off within minutes of stepping out the door and the rest caused me to have hives – neither a good option really.

Fast forward to the very start of 2020 and totally by fluke I managed to beat the international border lockdowns by 10 or so days, leaving me “stuck” in Australia. Little did I know this would be the biggest blessing in disguise. Not only did I have family around me once again which was awesome, but I had to face the fact that while I loved my life in Thailand it was never going to offer me the opportunity of financial stability (I was very well paid for over there at around $50Australian Dollars per day). And although it was amazing fun to help people discover the under water world I wasn’t really fulfilling my true purpose…

I decided at that point to help solve my problem and the problem for tens of thousands of women around the world – I decided to create a makeup that was sweat proof, allergy and sensitive skin friendly and kind to the environment. Stardust Cosmetics was born.

I couldn’t be more proud of what we have created. And it excites me to share this amazing, Australian made brand with people either in person or online. I truly believe that by helping the likes of our young dancers and cheerleaders by giving them an alternative to the chemical heavy makeup they currently wear, skin breakouts and acne may not actually be a feature in their lives. By helping to empower men with a skin loving makeup formula as they dabble in the world of transformation they might feel welcomed to be themselves and find confidence with our products. To my fellow active ladies, busy mums and literally everyone else who ‘doesn’t have time for makeup’, I’ve got you! This mineral makeup will not clog your pores or require 12 prep layers (I over exaggerate but that’s how it feels sometimes) before you start your makeup routine. Just open the jar and apply! We’ve included vitamins E&C in all our products to help nourish the skin as well as a natural SPF to protect it while you get on with your busy lives!

Oh, and the other perk of mineral makeup? No touch-ups! Start your day how you plan to finish and look fab while you do it!

From me that’s all for now but if you’ve made it this far, then thank you for sticking with me and hearing my story. And remember, there’s always more than meets the eye – so be kind to one another and lift each other up instead of dragging them down. We are the Queens! We are in charge of our own fairy tales! So straighten that crown, you’ve got this!


SeAnn x