Prepping Lips for Lip Magic

How to prepare your lips for the ultimate kissable look

Hey there, lip makeup enthusiasts! We're diving into the secrets of getting your pout ready for some Stardust Cosmetics lip gloss or liquid lipstick action. It's the ultimate lip prep routine to ensure your lips look flawless and stay fabulous all day.

Step 1: Exfoliate & Kiss Goodbye to Dryness

First things first, say goodbye to dry and flaky lips. Grab your trusty lip scrub or make a DIY one with sugar and honey. Gently exfoliate your lips in small, circular motions. This helps get rid of any dead skin, leaving your lips soft and smooth – a perfect canvas for lip magic.

Step 2: Hydrate Like You Mean It

Lip hydration is key, folks! Swipe on some lip balm and let it soak in while you finish your coffee or tea. Hydrated lips not only feel better but also help your lip products go on evenly and stay put.

Step 3: Lay the Foundation

For that perfect lip look, it's time for a bit of foundation magic. Dab a bit of your regular face foundation on your lips or use a concealer that matches your skin tone. This step ensures your lip colour pops and stays true to its shade.

Step 4: Line It Up

Lip liner, our unsung hero! Outline your lips with a lip liner that complements your lip colour. This gives your lips definition and helps prevent colour from feathering.

Step 5: Lipstick or Lip Gloss? The Choice is Yours

Now, here's where the magic happens. Are you feeling the velvety goodness of Stardust Cosmetics Matte Liquid Long-wear Lipstick or the glossy allure of Stardust Cosmetics Lip Glosses? Take your pick and apply it evenly within the lines you've drawn.

Step 6: Blot & Set

For extra staying power, grab a tissue and gently blot your lips. Then, lightly dust some Stardust Cosmetics Set & Forget Setting Powder. This step sets your lip masterpiece in place and helps it last through your morning coffee, lunch, and evening cocktails.

Step 7: Seal It with a Smile

And voilà! Your lips are prepped and ready to steal the show. Flash your dazzling smile and get ready for compliments because your lip look is on point, thanks to Stardust Cosmetics.

Let your lips do the talking!

So, whether you're going for a bold lip gloss shine or a fierce matte liquid lipstick, remember that prepping your lips is the secret sauce for that perfect pout. Happy lip painting, and let your lips do the talking! 💋✨