Mineral Foundation Powder Tester Pack



Stardust Cosmetics Mineral Foundation Tester Pack

Finding the right shade can sometimes be a challenge when shopping online. Instead of letting you choose the wrong colour, we have put together our tester packs so you can make the most informed choice possible!

Simply select the pack you believe your skin tone suits and we'll send you out the tester pack of 3 or 4 so you can try all the shades to make sure you're choosing the correct shade of a full-size Foundation Powder.

Mineral Foundation Shade Packs:

Light: FALLING STAR (Neutral Undertone), LUNAR (Cool/Pink Undertones), DAWN (Warm/Yellow Undertones), ASTRAL (Cool/Pink Undertone)

Light - Medium: ASTRAL (Cool/Pink Undertone), STARLIGHT (Golden/Neutral Undertone), TWILIGHT (Golden/Neutral Undertone), GALAXY (Warm/Yellow Undertone)

Medium: TWILIGHT (Golden/Neutral Undertone), GALAXY (Warm/Yellow Undertone), STELLAR (Warm/Yellow Undertone), CELESTIAL (Cool/Pink Undertone)

Medium - Deep: CELESTIAL (Cool/Pink Undertone), AURORA (Warm/Yellow Undertone), DUSK (Warm/Yellow Undertone)

Deep: DUSK (Warm/Yellow Undertone), COMET (Coming Soon), ECLIPSE (Blue Undertone) 

Selecting your shade:

How to find your undertone

Not sure what that is or why it's relevant? That's ok! We are here to help!

1. Take a close look at the veins on the underside of your wrist.

Are your veins blue or purple? If so you have a cool undertone and will look good in shades with a pink or red undertone.

Are your veins green or olive? If yes, you have a warm undertone and will look great in products with a yellow undertone.

Now you are armed with this information on what undertone will suit you best and make an informed choice on which colours will work best on your skin tone! 

Still unsure of what shade to choose.

Try our shade finder app. to help select your perfect shade!




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