Stardust Surgical Masks




Let's face it the mask is here to stay. Thats why Stardust Cosmetics has created the perfect face mask that also looks great! These super comfortable masks are surgical grade and will offer you the same protection as the chemist bought blue surgical masks. Designed for comfort and fit, our masks are a fashion statement that speaks of fun, diversity, and playfulness.

We at Stardust Cosmetics believe that looking good and feeling great are an essential part of any busy lifestyle. 

  • Made with 3 layers of protection, this mask is every bit as covid fighting as your blue ones.
  • Cute galactic design with a dainty logo to make all your friends and family want one also.
  • Amazingly comfortable straps to suit everyone's shape and size (Believe us, we've tested the lot).  😉

Comes in a pack of 10. Perfect for the Handbag or glove box.


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