Mineral blushes are a wonderful way to add a natural flushed look to the face. It does so by adding a smooth and even finish to the skin. This product is made with 100% natural minerals and is enriched with essential vitamins. With a light dusting, it can give the skin a different glow. Mineral blushes have a variety of mineral pigments that can be used to achieve the ideal colour.

Stardust Cosmetics Mineral Blushes are all-natural, Australian-made, suitable for all skin types. They are also vegan-friendly and cruelty-free. Mineral blushes are gentle on the skin and had properties of mineral pigments. It’s light on the skin yet provides great coverage.

What is a Mineral Blush?

Back in the day, mineral makeup is used by aboriginals, Bush people from Africa, and Native Americans. They are used to beautifully paint their bodies or faces to camouflage themselves from war. They have also used this for tribal ceremonies and rituals.

At the present, mineral makeups – specifically mineral blush, are used to give more glow to the skin. It uses components from nature, which makes it skin-friendly to most people.

What are the Benefits of Using Mineral Blush?

Better Skin Appearance

Professional makeup artists, dermatologists, and skincare clinics highly recommend the use of pure mineral makeup because of its ability to nourish the skin and its natural qualities. Mineral blushes can hide skin imperfections and reduce the appearance of fine lines and redness on the skin. Additionally, it gives the skin a shiny look and covers the pores.

Using Stardust Cosmetics’ mineral blushes can feel like you are not wearing makeup. Just a few strokes of mineral powder can lightly cover uneven skin tone and hide minor imperfections. It's also easy to improve the appearance of blotchy skin without using foundation.


It is important to test cosmetics before purchasing due to their allergy components. Stardust Cosmetics’ mineral blushes are hypoallergenic and can be used by all skin types and skin colours. Since the components of the makeup are natural, they are easily tolerated by the skin, especially those who have sensitivities. They also help improve the skin’s natural balance and are gentle on the skin.

No Makeup Look

Mineral makeup does not look heavy and gives a natural look. Most of the time, mineral makeup is used without artificial colours or chemicals. Stardust Cosmetics mineral blushes give a bit of warmth to the cheeks and can make the skin look polished and youthful.

Application tip: Use lighter colours to the apple of the cheeks and darker shades to the cheekbones, temples, and jawline to contour.

Long-Lasting on the Skin

Mineral makeups don’t easily rub off, hence giving its users value for money. One can go about by their day and still look okay, with only minimal touching up needed. They are also easy to wash off with mild soap and water.

Cruelty-Free and Vegan

Stardust Cosmetics makes its products without testing on animals. Additionally, makeup components also do not include any animal-derived ingredients. The ingredients used are ethically sourced and locally grown in Australia. It is important to take note that cruelty-free does not necessarily mean it is vegan and vice versa. Stardust Cosmetics ensures that they follow ethical protocols in producing and testing their makeups, specifically their mineral blushes.

How Does Mineral Blush Differ from Other Blushes?

Mineral blush is best for skin types that are sensitive and prone to break out. It is a health and skin-friendly alternative compared to traditional makeup. It also offers UV protection and calms the redness or itchiness of the skin. They also reflect light, thus giving the user a vibrant look.

Aside from mineral blush, here are the other types of blushes and their purpose:

· Powder Blush. Powder blushes are best used to lessen the oiliness of the cheeks, especially those who have the tendency to get oily in the midday.

· Cream Blush. To give the skin a radiant look by not going too heavy on the makeup, cream blush is the way to go. This is best for complexions that are dry.

· Gel or Liquid Blush. This type of blush is best used by those with normal skin types because they don’t need extra hydration or mattifying.

· Cheek Stain or Tint. This blush is for those who seek long-lasting colours that can last for hours. Cheek stains and tints easily blend on the skin immediately after application.

What distinguishes Stardust Cosmetics is the number of ingredients used than commercially produced makeup. All the ingredients used for the Stardust Cosmetics mineral blush are derived from natural materials and carefully formulated to keep them free of harmful impurities. Vitamins C & E have been added to also help nourish the skin.

Why Use Mineral Blushes from Stardust Cosmetics?

It is important to note that not all mineral makeups are created equal. Some makeups may include irritants, fillers, and petroleum-based ingredients that can irritate the skin. By using mineral makeup, users are assured of safe and natural ingredients on their skin. There is also an environmental benefit of using makeups with natural ingredients because less contribution to the harmful chemicals emitted in the air. Mineral makeups are also affordable because it requires less processing.

For a great makeup alternative yet light on the pocket, taking a chance on Stardust Cosmetics mineral blushes can give flattering shades and desirable results for a makeup look. They are pigmented, apply smoothly and evenly, and can stay for hours on the skin just like the other well-known blushes in the market.

One does not need to be concerned about the makeup ingredients because all the “nasties” are non-existent. It can act as a blush and highlighter at the same time, which saves time when doing a makeup routine.