Nobody puts on makeup, hoping that it won't last all day. It’s only natural that we constantly look for the longest-lasting products—those that will stay through work, a night out, and even the approaching winter. Throughout it all, you'll need a decent setting powder to lengthen the lifetime of your look.

Setting powder is a must-have for professional makeup artists, but most amateur beauty enthusiasts either don't have it or don't know what it is. Setting powder is typically transparent and performs its setting magic behind the scenes, so it may not appear as thrilling as other makeup products.

What is a Setting Powder?


Setting powder is a beauty powder used to keep your foundation in place. Setting powders may help absorb oil, obscure the appearance of pores, disguise fine wrinkles, and soften your makeup look, in addition to keeping your face from smudging. It also keeps foundation makeup from rubbing off and reduces shine for a beautiful complexion that lasts.

The primary issue with powder is that it can cause creases, accentuate small lines, and aggravate dryness. While setting powders are most beneficial to oily skin, they can be helpful to all skin types. The key is to learn how to apply setting powder correctly and choose a clean, non-toxic composition that works for your skin type.

When is Setting Powder Best Used?

Setting powder is often used after foundation and concealer and before any other powder face makeup (e.g., powder blush, bronzer, and highlighter). They'll then dust the look again at the end to set and seal the completed makeup or give it a completely matte finish.

How to Use a Setting Powder

A setting powder has an immense amount of versatility. Learning how to apply a setting powder for separate occasions or types of weather helps create makeup that lasts all day, every day. To begin, follow these instructions to use your Setting Powder:

1. After applying your liquids, use a soft, fluffy powder brush.

2. Dap and swirl your brush around the powder. Whether you're using loose or pressed face powder, it's critical to tap off the extra powder. Tap the brush handle over the compact or jar to ensure that any surplus product is returned.

3. Apply it in circular strokes, giving special attention to the regions around your nose and T-Zone (the areas of the skin that get oilier, and the product can wear away faster).

4. Use a big, flat powder brush for a softer touch across the entire face.

Importance of SPF in your Makeup

Your skin is your body's biggest organ. Because some types of cosmetics can protect you from UV damage, individuals frequently forego other forms of protection, such as sunscreen. However, when it comes to ultraviolet (UV) radiation, you can never be too careful.

With warmer weather on the way, it's critical to understand the advantages of SPF usage and the best techniques for protecting our skin from the sun's damaging UV rays. But what is an SPF? SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor (SPF). SPF can be seen in makeup, sunscreen, and other

cosmetics. SPF-labelled cosmetics protect your skin from sun damage. While it is well acknowledged how influential SPF is in our daily beauty routines, it is critical to understand the best ways to use SPF to be continuously protected.

SPF measures the quantity of UV radiation required to cause sunburn. The greater the SPF of a product, the more UV radiation exposure you can tolerate without being tanned. SPF 15 sunscreen, for example, offers adequate protection, while SPF 30 or 50 sunscreen protects much more.

We've seen SPF in foundations, tinted moisturisers, loose powders, and more. SPF in cosmetics is simply sunscreen included in makeup recipes to help protect skin from UV radiation.

Vitamins C and E for your Skin

Your skin needs to be nourished. Several variables must be considered for naturally glowing skin. Several elements, ranging from nutrition to environmental facts, might have an impact on your skin's health. The proper nutrients will maintain your skin's health and provide you with perfect skin. Several vitamins are beneficial to your skin and can aid in treating a variety of skin problems. With the appropriate vitamins, you can combat skin disorders such as acne, infections, dark spots, dry skin, symptoms of ageing, and many more. Vitamins C and E are two vital vitamins that can aid in treating a variety of skin problems. These two may be combined to produce astonishing effects.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is essential for your overall health. This vitamin is highly beneficial to the health of your skin. Vitamin C aids in the hydration of the skin. It aids in detoxifying, resulting in naturally bright skin. It can also help in the treatment of acne and other skin problems. Vitamin C also improves uniform skin tone, as well as the reduction of pigmentation and redness. It also encourages collagen formation, makes your skin seem younger, and lightens dark stains. Vitamin C can also aid in the prevention of solar damage.


Vitamin E

Another excellent nutrient for your skin is vitamin E. Its primary role in skincare is protecting the skin from sun damage. The capacity of the body to reduce the damage produced by UV radiation is referred to as photoprotection. This can aid in the prevention of dark patches and wrinkles. It can also help you improve the health of your hair. Vitamin E is beneficial to cell activity and skin health. It has antioxidants as well as anti-inflammatory effects. Vitamin E can also help you combat the symptoms of ageing. 

Vitamin C is beneficial to the skin. Vitamin E is as well. When you combine them, you've produced something genuinely spectacular? Decades of scientific studies confirm this "better together" combo of two super-antioxidants, revealing how their dynamic interaction boosts antioxidant effectiveness to give noticeable outcomes.

The Right Setting Powder for You Stardust Cosmetics introduces its Set & Forget Setting Powder.

Set & Forget Setting Powder sets liquid makeups, even out skin tone, regulates oil, and smoothens skin texture. This setting powder is perfect for your sensitive skin, is allergy-safe, and has a delicious scent. With its sweat-resistant properties, it allows your skin to breathe throughout the day and lock in your look.

Stardust Cosmetics allows your colours to shine through with an almost transparent coverage that doesn't leave you appearing pale. This powder is suitable for any skin type and offers your makeup a lovely velvety texture keeping it fresh. Stardust's Set & Forget Setting Powder eliminates the need for frequent touch-ups.

Features and Benefits

1. Set & Forget Setting Powder is known for its unique features and health benefits for makeup users. Here are some:

2. It is made without parabens, talc, and Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS).

3. It provides a perfect soft-focus finish that blurs the appearance of pores, fine lines, and wrinkles. It is designed to repair rather than cover imperfections visually.

4. Sets your makeup for more extended wear

5. Suitable for all skin tones

6. Used to bake concealer beneath the eyes to prevent creases

7. It prevents pore-clogging and breakouts.

8. Safe for sensitive and allergy-prone skin types

9. It has Vitamin E, which is used to nourish the skin.

10. Australian Made

11. Cruelty-Free and Vegan Friendly

We'd all love to have glowing skin. Stardust Cosmetics' Set & Forget Setting Powder keeps you on the right side of the fine line between dewy and greasy with its precise balance of ingredients. What they hoped to achieve with their setting powder is consistent with the goal behind all their products - passion is transformation. They seek to empower and inspire you to become the most refined, most confident version of yourself that you are capable of being! Explore their selection today to uncover your new favourite items.